Innovating the
Future of

Corporate Overview

Aadyanta as the name suggests means Beginning and End of Creation!


Aadyanta Labs is a subsidiary and partner company of multinational giants operating throughout the globe. With a very strong foundation and an immensely valuable promoters Network, Aadyanta Labs is constantly working in the field of Cyber Security and developing world's first Artificial Intelligence powered compressive Security System backed by the reliability of Blockchain Network.

Our Headquarter is in Singapore with a branch office in India. Being led by alumni from University of Stanford and Indian Institute of Technology, Aadyanta Labs is committed to create world’s most unique, adaptable self learning products.

Why Choose Us

Our principles makes Aadyanta Outstand any other tech giant today

  • We innovate to inspire and don't follow the league !
  • We solve real problems in the simplest way!
  • We keep MAGIC in centre of our development methodology to deliver outstanding and astonishing products !
  • Our Integrity and commitment is to serve mankind with most complex technology presented in the most simplest manner !
  • We take Pride in what we are, what we do and things we will change in Future !